Our beliefs

We strongly believe that every human is unique, and that all individuals have the ability to flourish in our ever-evolving world. 

We believe in a society without prejudices and beauty standards.

Beauty is in balance and in perfect symbiosis with nature. 

Beauty is a choice, a way of seeing and feeling our world.

Beauty is holistic, it is inner and outer. 


Who are we?

This is where Sofel comes in - a source of elements that honor the importance of nature. Crafted with holistic, natural, and organic ingredients, our products are designed to be beneficial for the body, soul, and mind. 

We dismiss anything that could represent a risk to human health and the environment. Besides, for our products we chose to use only glass in order to reduce ecological footprint.

All the ingredients of our first range of products come from certified cooperatives. 

Drawing inspiration from the traditional beauty rituals of Morocco and Argentina, the respective homelands of our founders, we are here to help you on your journey of self-discovery.


- Sofel Founders -